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Espresso Design exhibition

Seoul, Korea Foundation Gallery,
09/06/2017 - 06/07/2017

The ESPRESSO DESIGN exhibition, promoted jointly by the ltalian Cultural lnstitute in Seoul and the Korea Foundation, with the support of MUMAC, aims at spreading ltalian coffee culture through the technology and design evolution of ltalian espresso coffee machines. Significantly, the exhibition takes place in Korea, a country where drinking coffee has gradually become a real life philosophy. The exhibition pivots on two essential elements, ltalian espresso and design, which will attract visitors already familiar with them as parts of ltalian culture and lifestyle. They will be delighted to explore ltalian coffee culture through the design evolution of the coffee machines which have become part of the history of this industrial sector that is typically made in ltaly. The joint exhibition by the ltalian Cultural lnstitute and the Korea Foundation, with the technical contribution of MUMAC and the Cimbali Group, provides an overview of ltalian coffee culture. Among the wide range of coffee machines on display, visitors will find the very first espresso coffee machines, which, starting from ltaly, went on to conquer the world. Visitors will follow the technological and aesthetic transformations these machines have undergone from the start of the 20th century to the 1980s, and be able to view a series of iconic documents from the MUMAC historic archive. One of the group's models, the Faema E61 is certainly the most iconic machine in the history of espresso coffee machines. Another very attractive feature of the exhibition is a collection of photographs, focusing on today's espresso world. They were created by artists involved in last year's corporate project to honor Faema's brand promise, "Express your Art" , through the art of photography. The Korean exhibition's visitors will have the chance to admire works by Amedeo Novelli, Matteo Valle, Alfredo Bini, Beatrice Speranza, and Francesco Di Maio, who, from different perspectives, show places from around the world where espresso is consumed nowadays. At the end of the exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy the real sounds, colors, aromas, and flavors of a perfect espresso, prepared on a state of the art espresso coffee machine, the Faema E71.