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Binasco (Italy) - 26.03.2020
Cimbali Group donates 10 lung ventilators to a National Health Service facility

Cimbali Group donates 10 lung ventilators with a total value of approximately 200 thousand Euros, to support the Italian NHS which has been tackling the Coronavirus health emergency for a number of weeks now.

The Binasco (Milan) based company wishes to express its profound closeness to the community by supporting the extraordinary dedication of doctors and healthcare workers in the fight against Covid-19.

The donation will contribute towards reinforcing equipment on intensive care wards.

"Our Country is going through a dramatic time, without a doubt nothing like this has ever been experienced in the past few decades. - Declared Maurizio Cimbali, President of the Group. -  As an Italian company, strongly rooted in Lombardy, we feel compelled by a need, a duty and a moral commitment to support the healthcare and hospital system which is coping remarkably in the face of this emergency, with a donation of 200 thousand euros for the purchase of lung respirators for intensive care".

Right from the very start of the emergency, in addition to immediately implementing all measures necessary for protecting the safety of all staff and workers, Cimbali Group also activated extraordinary insurance coverage, which in the event of Covid-19, guarantees both economic and post-recovery assistance.

Maurizio Cimbali added that "As a family-run business, we see the health and safety of our staff as a priority, especially since they have shown passion and dedication to their work, even in such gruelling times. Therefore, we have extended insurance coverage for them, in addition to scrupulous internal safety measures which have already been in place for weeks now