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From the combination of the world of design and the world of coffee comes Faemina: for the highest level of coffee experience, to enjoy wherever you want.



Coffee bar

Outdoor Atmosphere

Enhance the Outdoor Atmosphere

E61 Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

What does it feel like to meet a legend?



A complete line of branded service materials and innovative accessories.

Design Senza Tempo

Timeless Design

The minimalist design, together with the excellent quality of the materials (aluminum and steel) and the 100% made in Italy manufacture turn this machine into a timeless work of art, born to last.

Welcome back Host

The 42nd edition of Host Milano this year is anticipated with more enthusiasm than ever.

From 22 to 26 October 2021, let's celebrate the sector’s relaunch together!

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Faema Professional Machines

Faema Professional Machines