Top-quality coffee ground directly in your home

The perfect combo

Touch & Match is the doser grinder that completes your perfect Faemina home experience!
With its modern and minimalist design, it goes perfectly with any Faemina thanks to its chrome, polished white and matt black colour variants.

Quick and intuitive settings

The grinder setting system is quick and intuitive and adapts to all types of coffee, whether espresso or filter coffee.
In addition, the on demand grinding guarantees the freshness of the ground coffee and therefore the optimum preparation of all coffee-based beverages.



Select the colour to complement your Faemina




System capable of managing the accumulation of energy stored in the boiler to allow a maximum constant supply of steam and water, even with intensive use of the machine.

Energy Saving Mode

Software that allows the boiler pressure to be lowered when the machine is not to brew coffee for a significant period of time. 

Automatic Washing Cleaning (AWS)

The machine runs programmable washing cycles throughout the day, using only water for cleaning during operation and special detergents before switching off. 

Milk Precision System

System for frothing milk and dispensing it directly into the cup. It is possible to froth milk cold, using air only, or hot, using steam.


CUP4YOU is an innovative application that offers a unique interaction with our X range fully automatic machines. You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play.


ART.IN.COFFEE (Artificial Intelligence platform for Coffee business) is a platform that allows data communication and remote monitoring of all the functions and performances of both traditional and fully automatic machines, through a Wi-Fi connection. 


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