Outdoor Living with Faemina

From the combination of the world of design and the world of coffee comes Faemina: for the highest level of coffee experience, to enjoy wherever you want.

Timeless Design

Clean lines, high quality materials (steel and aluminum) and the 100% made in Italy manufacture, make this machine a timeless work of art, born to last.

High Performance

The most advanced technologies of the professional world for the home&small business market segment (extraction temperature control, double boiler, water softening filter integrated in the water tank), for a higher cup quality certified by WBC and IEI.

Urban Color Version with Autosteam

£5,150.00 (VAT included)

The design and refined finishes of the Faemina Urban Color Series are combined with the most advanced professional technologies:

  • Double boiler for perfect coffee brewing and optimal steam management.
  • “Plug&Play”: the easy-to-fill front water tank optimises the water connection.
  • Bar-style milk frothing: you can choose between Autosteam, for one-touch perfect automatic frothing, or manual handling like a real barista.
  • Extensive drinks menu: espresso, filter coffee, cappuccino, tea, and infusions.
  • Height-adjustable drip tray with a patented Up&Down system to adapt to the different heights of each type of cup/glass.
  • Energy-saving: coffee brewing 5 minutes after start-up and automatic stand-by after 10 minutes of inactivity (can be changed as required), an eco-friendly feature that allows the service boiler to be switched off when not in use. Inside, the boiler features an insulation system that prevents energy loss.
  • The only coffee machine with an integrated softener filter and second refill included in the delivery to guarantee consistently high beverage quality and proper maintenance of the machine against limescale.
  • Be Faema app: complete control of machine settings, support, and exclusive content (Recipes, Sensory Experience, Augmented Reality, and many other features to discover).
  • Equipment: 2 filter holders for 1 and 2 coffees, cleaning brush, 2 refill softeners, tamper and silicone mat as a base.

Shipping in 15 days

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Beyond Espresso

A series of systems that are unique in the market:

  • perfect milk frothing, thanks to the manual steam wand and the Autosteam - cappuccino in a Touch -. 
  • "artful" extraction of different types of hot beverages and a height-adjustable discharge tray for each type of cup (Up&Down System)

User-centric Solutions

  • Front water tank, with removable drawer and automatic display notification of the need to empty it;
  • Patented up&down system, adjustable according to the size of the cups;
  • Advanced Time&Energy Saving systems (coffee delivery only 5 minutes after start-up and automatic stand-by at 10 minutes of inactivity).

"Be-Faema" App

The Be FAEMA app is unique in that it aims to engage and update everyone in the coffee world, from professionals to new coffee lovers. It allows remote setting of operating parameters, establishing a simpler, more flexible and personal relationship with the machine through pairing. The community of coffee lovers will be able to enjoy constantly updated content on the coffee world and exclusive sensory experiences. Download it now and immerse yourself in the Be Faema universe, featuring content that is accessible to everyone and designed to enhance your Faemina.

Download on AppStore | Available on Google Play

Support with Voice Recognition

Through Voice Recognition system it is possible to access content dedicated to Faemina (in-depth information, video pills, info-graphics,...). An innovative system that guarantees a better smart-home experience, contributing to the construction of the international coffee culture.


Doppia Caldaia

Una perfetta erogazione del caffè e una gestione ottimale del vapore.


Il serbatoio dell’acqua frontale, facile da ricaricare, rende opzionabile la connessione idrica.

Vaschetta raccogli-gocce

Regolabile in altezza con sistema brevettato Up&Down, per adattarsi alle diverse altezze di ogni tipologia di tazza/ bicchiere.

Energy Saving

Erogazione caffè a 5 minuti dall'avvio, stand-by automatico dopo 10 min di inutilizzo, funzione eco che permette di spegnere la caldaia servizi se non utilizzata.

Filtro addolcitore e secondo refill

Inclusi nella dotazione, per garantire costantemente un’elevata qualità della bevanda e una corretta manutenzione della macchina contro il calcare.

App Be Faema

Completo controllo dei parametri della macchina, assistenza e contenuti esclusivi, come Ricette, Sensory Experience, e Realtà Aumentata.