Ground breaker

The guarantee of the highest quality in the cup.

Greatest flexibility

For you we have created Groundbreaker, to use with the most advanced Faema machines


Groundbreaker with Autotamper

With the Autotamper you can grind and also tamp coffee. The benefits? Time saving, space optimization, consistency and precision of the tamping process and ergonomy are all that this technology offers you.


Compact design

The compact, elegant design is fitted with a new motor with an Inverter, permanently changing the concept of grinding. Groundbreaker’s compact size enables optimal use even in small spaces.

Designed to make your job easier

The perfectly balanced hopper can be placed in a stable position on the worktop, so that you can easily refill, clean and adjust it.

Customizable touch screen

The 4.3” touchscreen display is easy to use and completely customizable: you can adjust the grinders and configure the programs thanks to a selection of customized settings. Everything tailored and in your hands.

For a perfect coffee

The coffee grinder’s motor is equipped with an inverter with low energy expenditure, which guarantees you constant performance over time even after intensive use.


Perfect Grinding System (PGS)

System capable of automatically adjusting the coffee grind.

Barista Drive System (BDS)

An integrated system that helps you by maintaining a constant dialogue between the machine and the grinder doser.