Faema’s innovative ideas have been condensed into a
splendidly compact and incredibly intuitive dimension.

Compact innovation

Faema’s innovative ideas have been condensed into a splendidly compact and incredibly intuitive dimension.
Meet XCompact. Designed to bring Faema’s essence into small and unprecedented spaces. Our ability to combine form and function, to create a machine that delivers the exceptional coffee experience Faema is known for, now landed in our most compact and versatile design yet.

2 liter

Compact elegance, Italian style

Small but unmistakenly Faema. XCompact embodies a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, with every component perfectly laid in its natural place, like the tight
hopper incorporated into its body.
A compact solution that still adapts to the rest of the Faema’s X range, of which innate elegance and class made a staple of fully automatic espresso machines.

Innovation at your fingertips

XCompact’s 10.1” touchscreen display is the perfect way to browse its wide menu and its customizability options. Incredibly straightforward, it makes for a breezy user experience from the first touch.

Its customizable interface allows distributors, offices, and businesses to infuse their own branding into the machine.

Simplicity in action

XCompact takes the workplace’s coffee experience and elevates it, all in a small package that comfortably sits on a countertop, blending in with the environment.
With XCompact, everything you need to enjoy a cup of coffee is plugging it in and picking your favorite beverage, it’ll take care of the rest.


All the upsides of having an always-updated machine, with the comfort of automation. With integrated Wi-Fi and USB, XCompact is always connected, ready for updates and customization. Embrace technology with XCompact, enhancing your coffee experience, and staying ahead of the curve. This seamless connectivity ensures that your coffee service remains uninterrupted and up-to-date, offering a modern touch to traditional coffee brewing.

Easy to assist and clean

Maintenance is a breeze with XCompact. Its automatic cleaning function ensures that your machine is always ready to serve the perfect cup of coffee. This feature ensures longevity and consistent performance, making your coffee service hassle-free and efficient. All without any dedicated staff members or resources.

Flexible to your needs

With two water tank options, 2 or 8 liters, it ensures uninterrupted service regardless of your business size.

Moreover, XCompact offers the possibility of a direct link to the water supply, allowing for unlimited water availability when possible.



CUP4YOU is an innovative application that offers a unique interaction with our X range fully automatic machines. You can download the application from the App Store and Google Play.


ART.IN.COFFEE (Artificial Intelligence platform for Coffee business) is a platform that allows data communication and remote monitoring of all the functions and performances of both traditional and fully automatic machines, through a Wi-Fi connection. 

Global remote service (ENG)

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